Year 2999 Competition

Vi er lige blevet kontaktet af peppermillrecords og blevet gjort opmærksom på denne vildt fede konkurrence de har kørende. De vil gerne have alle jer kreative danske producere, til at give jeres bidrag! I får chancen for at få jeres track udgivet sammen med en række etablerede producere. Nå, nu til konkurrencen:


It's the year 2999, and what you see above is your future. What exactly is going on? Your job is to soundtrack the above painting by celebrated futurist David Schleinkofer and write a short description of your vision.

This open competition is for a spot on a big upcoming Peppermill release, the chosen piece will be featured alongside many of the most talented forward-thinking electronic musicians around. Their works will be interpreted by illustrators while you'll be doing the exact opposite.

What we're putting together is a futuristic dance album, as the title is a play on the phrase "dance like it's 1999". However this doesn't have to sound like anything humans currently groove to, in fact we encourage you to paint way, way outside the lines.

Bass is necessary though. Deep, deep sub bass. This collection is going to feature songs using a very full range of frequencies, and experimentation with the lower end of the spectrum is a must.

When completed it'll be freely downloadable under a Creative Commons license, as all our releases are, which means people are encouraged to share the music but aren't allowed to alter it in any way or use it for commercial purposes without your consent.


- interpret the painting above
- the result should be ready to be played on dancefloors 989 years from now
- use a rich range of frequencies including sub-bass
- the title should be fairly descriptive, as the painting and the song are to be a combo
- include a paragraph-long summary of your vision

Submit your track:

The deadline is April the 18th. You can enter more than one, although only one entry will be chosen for this release, however if the submissions warrant it we'd consider putting them out separately. And when you're finished you can submit your track right here . We prefer a 320kbs mp3 file for previewing purposes, and if chosen we'll need a wav or aif or some other lossless version.

So you have roughly 2 months to create your 30th-century masterpiece. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck!

I må også meget gerne skrive en lille kommentar her inde hvis i deltager, så vi kan følge lidt med! Held og lykke herfra også!

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