Rusko og Jakes til DK


HANSEN, LØFFLER & RASMUSSEN (HLR ) er tilbage med en efterfølger til SKREAM & BENGA eventet i STORE VEGA. Denne gang præsenterer vi i samarbejde med PUMPEHUSET endnu et stort navn fra dubstep scenen, nemlig den bladeaktuelle RUSKO ( læs mere om RUSKO i bunden af siden ) + den engelske stjerne MC JAKES ( læs mere om Jakes i bunden af siden ) !!!


Sidst men ikke mindst opvarmer det samlede OHOI-CREW aka 2000F, DJ JSL, KRISTOBAL & TIM DRIVER op til det vi håber bliver et brag af en aften.

Der bliver selvfølgelig lejet ekstra bass ind i aftenens anledning, og med GLENN bag pulten så kan det kun gå galt på den rigtige måde.

OHOI aka:

Bass for fuld blæs den 21. maj - håber vi ses

Mvh Georg Rasmussen (HLR)

præsenterer i samarbejde med PUMPEHUSET:
FREDAG 21.05.10
100 kr i døren:

RUSKO (UK) - dj set



"Because of my mum’s band, there were always guitars and stringed instruments flying around the house when I was growing up; music was always all around me. I’ve still got a banjo at my flat, yeah I play a bit of banjo…then moved on to bass and saxophone, which I stuck to – those were the two instruments I focused on for my degree.

I studied music performance, rather than the technical side of production. I’ve never taken any classes in production. I never used to really go to my lectures at college; I used to always be in the studios using all the nice equipment. I was never really an electronic kind of person, although I am now, but I just come from playing real instruments and real music, that’s my background, really. I only started DJing to promote the music I was making – a lot of people are DJs and then they start producing; I was the other way around."


"I used to do a lot of live producing – I’d record live instruments and putting electronic stuff in them, all sorts of things like that, from a very young age. I used to have a little drum machine when I was about 14. My mum used to go mad because I would always be on her computer – remember when your mum got her first computer and it was the most precious thing ever? It was like that. I was always on her computer once I figured out how to hook up my drum machine up and once I figured out a way to hook up my mum’s record player to it. That was the start, really.

So I’ve been producing for a long, long time – I’m the first one to say I’m not a DJ, I’m not DJ Rusko." (laughs) "I’ve always been into electronic music, I just come from the other end. I come from dub, really. Dub is the one for me. The whole studio ethos behind dub, and making dub, is what got me into making electronic music.

If I’d grown up in London, I would’ve been into garage and all that kind of stuff – but growing up in Leeds, there isn’t any of that. It just doesn’t exist; you don’t even hear about it because there’s just so much dub and dub reggae. I miss it so much living in London now - in Leeds, most nights there’s some kind of dub soundsystem but down here there’s just not as much demand for it. I started off by making dub tunes and then Mark from Iration Steppaz started playing some of them. Iration have a shop up in Leeds, so I’d take my tunes, try them out on the system in their shop and they’d be like “do this…do that…do this…” So I’d come back with another one a few days later and talk to them about it. It was kinda like trial and error, being guided the way a little bit by those boys.

That was before dubstep was really dubstep; I was just making dub music, trying it out. I remember Digital Mystikz doing a set at Sub Dub and that was it. Dubstep was like what I was doing musically, but it was just a little bit more - made the beats a bit faster and harder…I was just dub, no step. It’s only within the two years that I’ve put a ‘step’ on the end. (laughs) I used to make hip hop and dub under the name Rusk, so I ran with Rusko for my dubstep productions."


"I reckon we’re best when we play back to back (Caspa and Rusko). If I get booked to play a one hour set, I’ll end up playing exactly the same tunes as Caspa – we end up arguing who gets to play what! (laughs) We’ve got almost identical record bags. Plus we have a quick turnaround; all the artists on our label are knocking out tunes constantly. So your DJ box one month looks completely different the next; the turnaround of tunes is fast. That’s good, because people get bored of tunes so quickly, they’re hungry for it, they want to hear more, more, more, more…"


"I moved down the street from Caspa and started helping on board with Dub Police, helping out with the label and that kind of stuff so it kind of rolled out from there. We live near each other, it’s almost like we live together!

I’d been making dub and I made about 4 dubstep tunes, only 2 minutes long each, to play as interludes in my own DJ sets. It was little more than an experiment. They weren’t even proper tunes – four 2 minute dubstep interludes – to have a go at it and put in my set, and two of them ended up getting put out on the first EP. So I thought I’d try it out - move to London and make dubstep.

It was a proper gamble moving down to London; I didn’t know a single person in London apart from Caspa so I was literally leaving my family, my girlfriend, my home, everything. The first few months were hard – no job, no money, all my friends were still living up north, it was hard work. Luckily it’s all come back together now, but it was a real gamble – on one release, it could either go one way or the other…and it’s gone further, way further, than I expected it to.

I still make a bit of dub and hip hop on the side because when you’re travelling around doing gigs, all people want to talk about and hear is dubstep. I get sick to the back teeth with it! So when I go home, sometimes I just want to make some nice, chillin, melodic hip hop; I don’t necessarily want to go home and do more dubstep. Usually when I go home after a weekend of dubstep, I’ll go home and crack on with some drum n bass, dub, hip hop.

We just like to have a bit of fun. A lot of dubstep is really serious, but we try to not take ourselves too seriously. I’ve got a tune called ‘Mr Chips’ that’s on the mix, it’s got the ‘Catchphrase’ sample in it! It’s all about things like that; I’m totally not on a serious tip. The content of the music, the actual musical content in the tunes, is quite serious – all the Digital Mystikz stuff and that kind of sound is serious music. Whereas our stuff is – well, it’s party music, it’s a bit more tongue in cheek. And, in some ways, it’s almost closer to drum‘n’bass."


Jakes is many things to many people, to some he is the voice of TC’s smash hits ‘Deep’, ‘Drink’ and ‘Mindkiller’, to others he is the Daddy of Bristolian Dubstep crew H.E.N.C.H and to musical historians he is one of the most interesting vocalists that underground British music can lay claim to. Never afraid to break from tradition and roll with his own flow, Jakes’ voice has become one of the most recognisable in the game and his energetic live performances see him travelling across the globe and smacking down raves from Bristol to Boston with his inimitable style.

Within a few years, Jakes has gone from being one of the big name MCs of the drum and bass world to now being one of the most talked about Producers in Dubstep. In a very short space of time, the progression towards his now trademark style has been applauded by many – and not limited to the Dubstep scene.

In 2009, the release of The Jakes Project, which included anthems such as Rock Tha Bells and Warface, demonstrated Jakes’ ability to straddle genres with his aptness for innovation and style remaining intact. With his own productions receiving widespread support from as wide-ranging DJs from Skream to Crookers to Mary Anne Hobbs to Gaslamp Killer, Jakes has gone on to produce remixes that have topped download charts and he regularly receives extensive radio coverage. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that his label has a host of talented artists releasing their productions through the HENCH imprint.

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